The central idea of my artwork is based on spirituality and its visual manifestation, as the contemporary interpretation of calligraphy. In series of my paintings inspiration was a specific, angular style of Islamic calligraphy called kufi style. This style, from personal perception, is so fascinating, strong, expressive, and contemporary. Therefore, it could be said that it is timeless.

In a series of the paintings, I explored possibilities of kufi style, seen as the abstract element of the paintings, paintings of horizontal and vertical lines, exploring the boundaries of abstract forms, but still keep the connection with the meaning of the messages. That is one of the most important roles of my painting compositions; all of them have symbolic meaning within the text of messages from which they are composed.
This visual language is transmitted to three-dimensional forms as installations and sculptures, this time, negative forms of compositions transformed to positive, where letters become empty spaces.

Paintings are done mostly by acrylic on canvas, huge dimensions (vary up to 2 meters), and installations are made of wooden slats.